Volatility Protocol

Branding | Graphic Design


Volatility Protocol offers real time crypto volatility feeds for the DeFi market.


VP needed a logo and basic branding to get themselves set up before they launched. About a 1 month turn-around time.


Working with 3 separate time zones, I shared my iterations with the 2 founders. Using Telegram for communications, Figma and Illustrator for design, I delivered these final assets.


Here are some earlier sketches on the way to the final logo mark.

Design translation

I came up with this deep blue-purple color scheme and logo mark inspired by a greek letter they really liked along with research into what appealed to Crypto super users.

Keeping up the pace

VP was set to launch quickly, with their token going live soon after. Along with the logo and some website elements, I created these promo banners for their token launch.