What is Mythereum?

Mythereum is a multi-player fantasy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players own game pieces as NFTs, which can be traded, sold or earn upgrades. It is also the first game to allow outside game asset to be transformed and used for gameplay.

The Project

At the start of this project MYTHEREUM was one of only a few games built on the Ethereum blockchain and using NFT assets as actual game pieces. The creator had built the basic game which was functional but needed design elements. That is where I came in.

The Objective

To create the brand style and optimal user experience for this game. As lead designer, I would direct the team in building out the entire website, battle arena and player interactions. Along with this I designed a promotional campaign to announce the new launch on social channels.

Mood Boards

I began this project with several mood boards. Together with the founders and the design team we hammered out and nailed down the look and feel of the game site.


In order to simulate new game elements and share with the team, I created several prototypes for them. A few screens of the gameplay tutorial are below.

Fleshing Out Skeletons

From skeleton to a monster of a site, the wireframe I was given couldn’t have been simpler. But the fun was in dreaming up the new world and guiding our team in building out a super-enthralling game site for the fans.

This is the basic wireframe they had at the start.

The final home screen after many iterations.

Graphics, Ads & Assets

I created and art directed many graphics for Mythereum. These included ads and banners for the website, animations for gameplay and social media posts. Here are a few.

I worked with fantasy artists to created the backgrounds and character art, then I created the motion graphics and banners.

Mythereum Logo